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  • 名称: Feed additive - Nicotinamide
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Certificate No.:Feed Add. (2013)T00027

Registration No.:Zhe Fedd Add.(2013)529061

Standard: GB/T 7301-2002, USP, BP, EP, JP等

Name: Nicotinamide

Another Names: Niacinamide,Vitamin B3,Vitamin PP


EINECS: 202-713-4

molecular structure:


Molecular Weight(mol.wt.):122.12

Molecular Weight(mol.wt.):128~131℃

Solubility: 1g is soluble in around 2ml water, 1.5ml ethanol or around 10ml glycerin. It's easily soluble in acetone, amyl alcohol, chloroform, propylene glycol, butanol. It is almost insoluble in ether and benzene.

Product Description: white crystalline powder or white granular powder; odorless or near odorless, bitter taste.

Product Description:25kg/ctn, drum,or bag; 500kg/bag and 1000kg/bag.



Water content(W/W):≤0.1%


Recommended dosage in complete feed and total mixed ration

(based on Nicotinamide)

Piglet 20~40 mg/kg

growing-finishing pig 20~30 mg/kg

chicks 30~40 mg/kg

Breeding hens 10~15 mg/kg

Layers 20~30 mg/kg

Broilers 30~40 mg/kg

dairy cattle 50~60 mg/kg(Concentrate supplement )

Fish and shrimp 20~200 mg/kg

Storage: store in sealed container under cool and dry place.

Shelf Life: 36 Months

Attention: Keep off moisture.Use as soon as possible after opening.

Functions and applications:

As a structured form of vitamins B, Nicotinamide is an important component of coenzyme I and II in the body of both human and animals.

Main functions and applications in feed additives:

* Preventing the skin diseases and the diseases of alimentary canal

* Promoting animal's growth, improving egg yield and hatching rates, ensuring good feathers.

* Cure for mucosal inflammation and ulcers.

* Preventing perosis of animals.

Lack of nicotinamide in animal's body will cause the poultry's skin disease, feather decrease and dermatitis. For pig, will cause hair shedding, dermatitis, and inflammation of tongue, esophageal mucosa and space inside mouth, such as black-tongue. And will also cause disorder of digestive system ,such as vomiting, diarrhea and decrease of food intake, neurological disorders, muscle spasm and paralysis, back ankle hypertrophy (especially for poultry ), and perosis.

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