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  • 名称: Cosmetic additive - Nicotinamide
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Standards:ChP2010 , USP, BP, EP, JP.

Name: Nicotinamide

Another Names:Niacinamide, Vitamin B3, Vitamin PP


EINECS: 202-713-4

molecular structure:

molecular structure:C6H6N2O

Molecular Weight(mol.wt.):122.12

Melting Point(m.p.):128~131℃

Solubility: 1g is soluble in around 2ml water, 1.5ml ethanol or around 10ml glycerin. It's easily soluble in acetone, amyl alcohol, chloroform, propylene glycol, butanol. It is almost insoluble in ether and benzene.

Product Description:white crystalline powder or white granular powder; odorless or near odorless, bitter taste.

Package:25kg/ctn, drum.

Storage:store in sealed container under cool and dry place.


Shelf Life: 36 Months

Attention:Keep off moisture.Use as soon as possible after opening.

Main functions and applications in daily cosmetics:

In recent years, nicotinamide are widely used in cosmetics. 2% dosage of nicotinamide are used in the basic cream system of cosmetics, with white and anti-wrinkle effect. And used in Shampoo & Conditioner it has effect on stimulating hair follicle, improving follicle's blood circulation so as to prevent trichomadesis. In addition, because nicotinamide has the function on vasodilatation, it can also be used in the products for removing the dark circles around eyes

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